Driving School

Welcome to Sixthsense Driver training – experts in corporate driver training

On average 63% of all company vehicles will be involved in a road incident within the next 12 months, and average repair costs following an accident range between £700 and £5,500 per claim

Driver training can typically reduce fleet costs by up to 20% in the first year by reducing incidents and insurance premiums.

As well as the personal risk and stress, the reputation of the company as a whole may be threatened.

Start today a programme of advanced driver training to develop a sixth sense for potential road hazards, and substantially reduce your risk and build a reputation for moral and social responsibility.

Based at Telford Way Kettering and covering the surrounding area. Training can take place in your own vehicle or ours. All trainers are DSA approved grade 5 or 6 with many years experience working for other training companies.

If you want to make sure that your fleet driver training is of the highest standards giving your team Attitude, Behaviour and Competence to operate efficiently and responsibly on our roads then give me a call on 077625 643380 or email me at sixthsensedrivertraining@gmail.com